Hana Custom USB Cables


switchTop has teamed up with Reddit's /u/B1G_B1RD to bring you these exclusive, custom USB cables. /u/B1G_B1RD is known for his high-quality custom cables and will be personally fabricating each by hand. He's designed these cables to pair with the new Hana DSA keycap set, which is scheduled to ship in late August.

Cable Details:
-Available in Multi-Color White and Solid Lavender paracord
-6 feet long
-USB Mini-B to USB Type A connectors with white heatshrink
-White velcro cable wrap included

Multi-Color White vs. Solid Lavender Orders
53% 47%

Pre-Order Details:
-Limited to 50 cables
-The pre-order period will be open until Aug. 8th or when the 50-order maximum is reached

Shipment Schedule:
-Shipment will be split into two batches: 1) the first 25 orders are scheduled to ship the week of Aug. 15th, and 2) the remaining orders will ship the week of August 29th.
-Any additional items you purchase will ship with your cable. If you'd like those items shipped separately/earlier, please add the applicable Split Shipping option in the drop-down menu to your Cart.

Once the Pre-Order period closes, you can check on the production/shipping status HERE.